The Nexus Instruments cv_looper is designed to allow users to create
and alter cv and gate sequences on the fly. Focus is on live playability.

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Core features
Record and loop up to four 0-5V CV signals from either internal knob or external cv input
Sync to other modules using the clock/reset inputs or use internally set tempo.
Onboard chromatic quantize.
Individual track mutes and passthrough

4 cv outputs, one for each loop
Cv input for recording external signals
Clock input, accepting either 24ppqn or 4 ppqn clock
Reset input, for reliable syncing

Operation Mode menu
Nonvolatile memory saves selected options
Operation mode menu accessible by holding shift for 3 seconds
  • Option1: select between 4ppqn and 24ppqn clock input
  • Option2: select between tempo selection via tap or knob
  • Option3: select between 'hold-to-record' or 'press-to-record-loop'
  • Option4: select betwen 10bit/2measure max and 8bit/4measure max
  • Technical
    uses +12 and -12V power inputs (does not require 5V input as this is internally generated
    module depth: 37mm